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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Bishops have a number of positions on 22 across CHESSMEN
Brings to light setting sun going around our planet UNEARTHS
Cheating without it? You’ll feel that in the pocket! CHANGE
Does this sound like something robber might say when carrying nothing incriminating? I haven’t a clue! SEARCHME
Fear of copper finding what’s illegally obtained mostly from bank hold-up PHOBIA
Get going without it for Christmas drink EGGNOG
Has no chance of success staying at The Post? NONSTARTER
Heart, for instance, set on watering system PUMP
Keep quiet about one with great expectations and energy in Ulster PIPEDOWN
Master golf at old city university GURU
No lads in Midlands give a damn MIND
Old Bob and Kitty from Takeaway produced Snow White SPOTLESS
One of the good books found around The Vatican ROMANS
Passing remarks from some of the Jacobites OBIT
Clues Answers
Pay no attention to Gore in trouble IGNORE
Plays around with footballers dropping Albert FOOLS
Putting two and two together and getting four-and-a-half is a judgement call that’s not scientific ROUGHGUESS
Revised decision in 8 across by Mafia leader from Nimes, baffles head of department (7,3’1,4) CHANGEDONESMIND
Send up the introduction to the magazine LAUNCH
State not involved in common whipping? KNOT
That could be Clay leading George by the 9th, for instance GROUND
The directors’ tactics leading to monopoly and risk BOARDGAMES
The empty church that is possibly at the end of a hard drive TECHIE
They always point this out in the cinema for those abandoning The Road for The Omen EXITSIGN
This can be mesmerising reminding oneself of one’s childhood HYPNOSIS
Wasn’t that a novel idea for some to develop lottery? PLOT
With time on their hands, Mods drunk in The Liberties FREEDOMS
Worker is after 26 across and leading solicitor for job in The Courts GROUNDSMAN