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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 28 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
3 down has information? Damn! SWEARWORD
A vow from dowagers with no God SWEAR
Children’s writer introduces intelligence agent making an appearance in the plot DAHLIA
Concerns of writers from border seduced by setback? THEMES
Consider in a different light most of the actual engineering found in two ships REASSESS
Denied row concocted as cover for one of those retiring EIDERDOWN
First time Julius Caesar appeared on world’s stage, for instance – a window of opportunity and a dark period? OPENINGNIGHT
Harvey left heavyhearted and angry HEATED
Influenced what the player did getting to grips with very loud final game AFFECTED
It’s odd coming off side-road in that get-up ARISE
Leaves from livery stable with O’Ferrall’s novel headgear TRILBY
Made a great deal of upside-down desserts STRESSED
Makes a meal of gritty stuff coming from women’s organisation connected to church SANDWICH
Noticed, in retrospect, hotel has capacity for American gents WASHROOM
Nude artfully created in a way that involves deception FRAUDULENTLY
Plant with dope taken in by agency CASSIA
Play-acting in gym over centre spread? PRETENCE
Private Second Class gets to give out – as a politician that wouldn’t give you a vote of confidence! SECRETBALLOT
Search thoroughly island lands for a number of blends COMBINATIONS
Take issue with small operation on model OPPOSE
Talk at length trivially, for the most part, to religious teacher RABBI
The thickest hooligan loses the head and takes drugs in race OBTUSEST
Tore around university with the French movement heading for town in The Midlands TULLAMORE
Trade show for users showing off numerous revelations EXPOSURES
Turns up inexperienced taking direction right at the start of primary before outbreak of hostilities PREWAR
Unaware, Italian gent lost the head with worker IGNORANT
Upsets Slav-Irish by writing to competitors RIVALS
Ways out of Mediterranean Island State ROADS