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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 29 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Answer – well it’s not in new X-ray relating to the armpit AXILLARY
Bitterness on the finish of 6 down RAGE
County Tipperary has an old city with new economic problem DOWNTURN
Dante isn’t involved in headcount and that hurts OUCH
Enthuse with final quote from former partner EXCITE
Every ounce of anger in Vogue ALLTHERAGE
Gets fired by those in Arsenal ORDNANCE
Graduate in capital with citadel CASBAH
It’s a risky business for egomaniacs losing game CASINO
Make known this is one top slammer in DC to escape from DISCLOSE
Medicinal herb for some induced illness DILL
No grain in Argentina or Sicilian hot spot ETNA
No matter – it’s not part of shock treatment by design SKETCH
Nurses go out with doctors in the theatre SURGEONS
Plagiarist is not capable of anything original IMITATOR
Produce from area within Mediterranean island CREATE
Ran off with young woman briefly with right-wing dictator? MISAPPROPRIATED
Refused to accept desert is contaminated RESISTED
Ring Panama and Quebec as it’s not clear OPAQUE
Sign is a bit gruesome OMEN
Slicker fiction in Republic of Ireland rewritten OILIER
The first four characters in 22 across – a product of The Masons WALL
Those in The House covering-up Partition with report dividing those in The Maze WALLPAPERS
To sing from the same hymn sheet, learn your numbers correctly KEEPINTUNE
Unmanageable without legume or fruit BANANA
Wiggle room in terms of reference? SCOPE
You’d expect to find detectives at end of this secondary route from station BRANCHLINE
You’ll find those at school going on the mitch to a novel place? BOOKSHOP