Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 3 2018

Clues Answers
A form of transport for hire in the Seine mostly with room on board SEACABIN
ANC leaves in advance of storm INVADE
Answer distress signal sheltering top dangerous in-house material ASBESTOS
Asian city epic taken from Phoenicia HANOI
Bank initially extends credit for mergers BLENDS
Champions those playing at the top of their profession BESTTEAM
Confirm point-to-point is on firm ground ENSURE
Covering up for outfit in Government DRESSING
Dramatist is failing to get mad with one of those responsible for picture ARTIST
Guide is a person on site working in the travel business COACHBUILDER
Looking back, slow type goes around general office to surprise troublemakers HOOLIGANS
Made a play for amateur society in revolutionary first drama CHASED
Make worse with first aid for horsey type going mad nursing a temperature AGGRAVATE
Meant to get out of Parliament after march APRIL
Clues Answers
Mythologist downs tools – it’s great for the locals MIGHTY
One scrum collapsed and he bought it? CONSUMER
Open a foreign bar UNBOLT
Opens a theologian’s Catechism in church and it’s a problem CATCH
Regiment in the end finds awful myth initially hard to beat RHYTHM
Sheds what’s not popular in the architects plans OUTBUILDINGS
Sounds like whiskey, for example, is good for a picnic SCOTCHEGG
Sporting lady paid out solidly STRONGLY
Spot line by Oscar from action novel LOCATION
Take advantage of uplifting religion and education to get tough USEFORCE
Trainee soldier informally loses head with major LARGE
What the whistleblower is capable of is informing DENUNCIATION
Where you’ll find all your options in place of the dinner ONTHEMENU
Whistleblower in Government has classified information for those working in the sports authority COACHINGJOBS

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