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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 3 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Aggressor loses rag with monstrous female OGRESS
All the letters held by Ulster Institute linked to upsetting manuscript advocating an extremely racist philosophy NAZIISM
Almost catch in Kildare joint KNEE
Change hols to get away from homelands AMEND
Condition of the forgotten working men in Asia AMNESIA
Drew level with 30 across roaming around area with wild dingoes CAMEALONGSIDE
Fatherly relative of Terence leaves dead centre DAD
Flag a number of points for one of the Languages ENSIGN
Fool brought up in Dar es Salaam ASS
Get Naomi to leave mediation or change your story? EDIT
Get one’s hands on bank’s final dividend FIND
Had a go at raising flying mammals STAB
Has the hump, as all sides today lost CAMEL
In retrospect, a broadband option you don’t want to drop and one that’s supposed to be dropped? LSD
Inherited by leaders, coroners and medical examiners, and teachers and coppers CAMEINTOMONEY
It’s more dangerous for one who could do with a lift after run? RISKIER
It’s useless describing what’s in 3 down NOGOOD
Like some fans of a social gathering with wedding band ADORING
Local crazy guy promotes academic research of river rat NUTRIA
Machiavellian key to the tale of the tortoise and the hare AMORAL
Made from Medieval type of spirit that’s not good EVIL
My one problem with local dough MONEY
One loves Maoris’ unusual first team AMORIST
One of those bitter types in Sierra Leone ALE
One of those employed in The Abbey washing their hands of workplace hiring scientists including Virginia Ring LAVABO
One serial adaptation of Living in the Middle East ISRAELI
Plan released by Neapolitans in the country ESTONIA
Promethean gift to Alexander I fomenting Rising in part FIRE
Retrace one’s steps from the tyre shop RETREAD
Shortage of writing collected by life partner DEARTH
Some Muscat to circulate – knocking it back with cheese RICOTTA
Story recalled by writer in high spirits ELATED
That’s one in the eye for current teacher retiring IRIS
The limits to action hero overdoing it as a dangerous swimmer ORCA
Took some flak from yours truly having a French-fried dish in mind CAMEUNDERFIRE
Two thousand around a mobile operating system stand in the shopping centre KIOSK
Very small bone is close to breaking? OSSICLE
What Whistler did on the range to let off steam CAMETOTHEBOIL