Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘No Dancers in Dinner Jackets’ – did the printers not change that? INKJET
A French family from 6th Arrondissement can be ruthless UNKIND
Arraign a criminal in relation to the cultivated land AGRARIAN
Ban secret messages in product lines BARCODES
Bites tongue covering up investigation TEST
Board member from Balearic Islands opens retail opportunity BISHOP
Cellar workers following soldiers home for tea BASEMENT
Churlish character out of sorts from the start with Old Penny ILLNATURED
Guarantee offers assurances to leader’s husband OATH
Guaranties to remove grit, as it’ll make you sick NAUSEA
Had the desired effect to beat The House STRUCKHOME
He is a member of the aristocracy – how amusing is that? NOBLEGAS
Heartless presence of mind by model POSE
How much the abstainers are likely to handle getting drunk on the large measures? TEACUPFULS
Clues Answers
Last of the Christmas meat is anything but the real McCoy SHAM
Must get in to Government with one of those descriptive types MOULDING
Naughty lies spotted by those on board ISLE
No goal? Trouble for The ‘Pool! LAGOON
Old bank corrupted a country in west Africa ANGOLA
Oscar Wilde, for one, gets to pose holding sambuca and whiskey SHARPWIT
Part of the family includes a line from a large house SALON
Public land by college is ancient and has an infectious aspect for those picking it up COMMONCOLD
Stupid thing from Cork is always drunk at the end of the day NIGHTCAP
Support one of the three sisters returning with lackey HANGERON
The limits of time and motion study to sort out TIDY
Useful skills for a small group at school ASSETS
Weird old deputy head from college with ponytail ODDITY
You’ve probably heard this locally, in a manner of speaking ENGLISHLANGUAGE

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