Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A ringer perhaps for big Ben has a few hours to kill (4,2,3’1,5) TIMEONONESHANDS
Allowed to get around Mediterranean island ABLE
An Arabian companion perhaps from 8 across and 10 across STABLEMATE
British bird admits reading abridged version of Hamlet to an islander living in a place known for its disappearances BERMUDAN
Charlatan providing law and order in Canada loses his heart at The Fringe MOUNTEBANK
Christmas, for example, in Ireland, for instance ISLAND
Friend from The Gaeltacht welcomes introduction to handbook for some nice party game CHARADES
Group on mountain serving up a number of dishes PLATES
In the end, Clement loses the head with what he heard in confession, as it’s diabolical INHUMANE
Is not guilty of selling drink around capital INNOCENT
It’s a departure from the norm for Lincoln getting Republican quota ABERRATION
Joy’s nightmares! DREAMS
Mere rhetoric, in a manner of speaking, from Free and The Script EMPTYWORDS
Most of those at the end of 15 across in a full house? HAND
Of sound mind in street in 2 down STABLE
One of The Stones, still standing in central Germany touring Rhine? MENHIR
Part of revolutionary pamphlet – a metaphysical type that’s one of a pair MATE
Perfect for protecting one’s arms writing in new hostels HOLSTERS
Plagiarises from Ibsen out of beastliness STEALS
Presumably, one expects to find you well – bringing you to the watering hole! DOWSER
Rains blow down on banks of high voltage circuits HITS
Removing lads from studio flat leads to suit OUTFIT
Salads and chips, for instance, is what you get addressing Native American event that’s not centre stage SIDESHOW
Salvages settlement for those gambling with their capital LASVEGAS
Secretariat holds this back from judge RATE
Some characters in courthouse with you long ago THOU
Teacher’s punishment is starting to trend – dividing the foreign school LINES
Tends to be under the influence of theologian concealing rush to build ark DRUNKARD

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