Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 5 2018

Clues Answers
A last resolution covers the world ATLAS
Accommodates the children in The Cherry Orchard getting near the audience TREEHOUSE
Bought and sold turkey – it’s dead special TRADED
Denied detectives could be possessed DISOWNED
Drive out of wild trees STEER
Edward left overshadowed by those supporting the Arabians HOOVES
Explained doves flying around lake SOLVED
Feel animosity to writer reviewing trial DETEST
Following closely fashionable and popular hobby INHOTPURSUIT
Hit for Elbow? THRUST
It must be said time and time again, this has already been highlighted STRESSED
It’s awkward for a gent raising bit from the Bible PERVERSE
Legal document covering half the soldiers is poor DEPRIVED
Little devil from The Bride of Frankenstein, for example HORROR
Clues Answers
Local fool with no dole arrangement NOODLE
Measure pipe for experimental purposes TESTTUBE
Nearly all of the fresh intelligence is evidence of good books NEWTESTAMENT
Nuclear fusion without the nuisance of powdery substance in the mix FLOUR
One of the Greens is found here offering predictions perhaps TEACUP
Regiment with a foreign police agency for back-up REINFORCE
Resistance to the Spanish getting rid of those taking it easy RELAXING
Starved criminal found around old Arabian capital could be state-sponsored work, characteristic of the times ADVERTORIALS
State support accumulated by Revenue generates a lot of interest TAXCREDIT
Switch a cream pie when no one’s looking OFFCAMERA
Take The Liberties to not follow procedure BENDTHERULES
Turns up, he sheltered officer from the division – in time EPOCH
What weather person discovered, a major employer is expected to attack perhaps THEFRONT
Wild party for the little drummer boy going around America CAROUSAL

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