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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 5 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
American and Arabian agent for the most part taking theatre’s material on the road AGGREGATES
American neighbour produced a new commercial welcomed by accountant CANADA
Broadcast on bootlegging produced by those in Sky AIRTRAFFIC
Broadcasts produced by Israelis dismissing lies AIRS
Contract workers perhaps losing rag in nightmare HITMEN
Duck found in chopped up mince – the contents of a packet INCOME
Engineered a go-slow with 10 across to upset, for example, director, 23 down and 4 down DRAGGEDONESFEET
Folk legend is on the board KING
Individuals from India, from Indonesia? ONES
Is entitled to be a single chap ELIGIBLE
Isolated without lost member of staff offering assistance AIDE
Local Yank taken in by Ava Gardener going all way back DRAG
Maiden drunk iced tea to treat an ailment MEDICATE
Monitor resistance to witness OBSERVER
Naughty act having last cigarette to smoke in a cushy office SINECURE
Peaceful protest? After buff adds insult to injury! RUBSITIN
Ration out cook’s local tea ALLOCATE
Rear brakes on tricycle stop working STRIKE
Recognised there’s no need for dogs CORGIS
Rubbish from America found in tins produced by those in 14 down CANTATAS
Rule out veto? DISAPPROVE
Some coffee, tea for three of those in yard FEET
The angel’s share perhaps in most of the barrel with port is acidic when top is taken off VAPOUR
The bones of seabird found in South Africa STERNA
Thug leaves High Court with those who are likely to sing CHOIR
Trim soulmate is charged for giving the nod INTIMATION
Was a huge success in Media developing end product MADEIT
What the witness produced at the bar perhaps for The Confirmation EVIDENCE