Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Bras from Brussels Lace? Had no idea that was possible! CLUELESS
Brought up in 14 across from the start RAISED
Caught by State Coastal Patrol Boat CUTTER
Cramp from reading Tenerife novel outside INTERFERE
Creative type from museum is getting endless local credit ARTISTIC
Disturbed by advertisement about Soldier Museum AGITATED
Finishes 18 across and small joint with one of those going overseas with the person running The Fleet FLAGSHIP
Fire the imagination playing Euros ROUSE
Foreign Republicans recall memory of wholesale slaughter POGROM
Give the impression the president is at home? Give up! RAISETHEFLAG
Grave exchange of words dismisses women employed by one hiding from The Sun SOMBRERO
Has natural ability to nose? INSTINCT
Leaving questions that could be best answered by those who should have learnt their lessons EXAMPAPER
Makes a lasting impression with gags needing no introduction ETCHES
Meatballs without best type of meat from The Andes? LLAMA
Noisy type in car takes channel to overseas dance HORNPIPE
One of those going out a lot with a Falstaffian character from a spy ring HEAVYSLEEPER
Refuting the idea and point by mother from Channel Islands consumed by allowance RENUNCIATION
Run down the country to train Virgo’s men MISGOVERN
Saves face, for example, of gangster’s lover that is behind confusion in Alien EMOLLIENT
Serves up duck covered in wine in company TROOP
So creamy? Bananas and maple! SYCAMORE
Soldier returns from centre overlooking residence way up north IGLOO
Sounds like swell of anger between individuals in States after introducing 18 across at start of discussion RAISEDVOICES
The birthplace of even Orlando? Port in Clare! CRADLE
The foreign investigation reproduced in Vogue LATEST
Upsetting, short fuss from couple producing subscript SUFFIX
Work out why she leaves penthouse? TONEUP

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