Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 6 2018

Clues Answers
Bank’s dividend disclosure is terrible DIRE
Beluga swimming around Florida – it’s a sign of a clean beach BLUEFLAG
Boiled soup is artist’s handiwork OPUS
Clerical type hides head – it explains a number of issues perhaps FATHERHOOD
Closes in on new listeners NEARS
Concerns of writers from border seduced by setback? THEMES
Crab finds Labour is no place for the men HENPARTY
Danger this will go badly wrong for prominent menace HIGHRISK
Fail to mention summits from one moment in time OMIT
Garda might view this as stolen from the river – is that healthy? PHOTOFIT
Great potential wage for women in the trinket shop GEWGAW
Handy for you and me to process fuel USEFUL
Hurried back to bed with current cold, as it might help one to sleep NARCOTIC
If Baudelaire loses aura it will go down well EDIBLE
Clues Answers
Lighten up perhaps and take the figs out of digestif DIET
Look for a partner going around with one of The Kinks at the bar COURTOFLAW
Most of the regiment is not well in Rush THRILL
Nasty looks over opening the Emmental to go with the last of the Shiraz for those with allergies SNEEZERS
One sheepish type in odd-looking suit is sweet on one of those in Italian restaurant TIRAMISU
Point at French neighbour who spent some time in Dresden in the past EASTGERMAN
Records those worthless types behind gangster ALBUMS
Sister protects top of head from devilish creature swimming in the sea SHRIMP
Stylish and confident guy guarded – did he lose the rag? DUDE
Takes up space in someone else’s house LODGER
Those on the hill upset Old Bob from The Branch DUBS
Took time walking from port to port in busy Dorset STROLLED
Trailblazer is one making one’s own way in the world PATHFINDER
Where you might want to get shot of someone in print with most of 21 down PHOTOGRAPHALBUM

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