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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 6 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Bird from Dublin gets 20 down to run with a fan’s favourite CROWDPLEASER
Commercial vehicle produced for major employer STAFFCAR
Counsel to a Democratic State not keeping order ADVICE
Drunk vintner swallows nothing produced by pioneer? INVENTOR
Filthy article is removed by a family member UNCLE
Frank Pound had to keep mum in Stalinist Russia FREEPRESS
Gangster followed by copper consumed by thulium – a white powdery substance TALCUM
Hill is out of alcoholic drink that one has at bedtime COCOA
I’ve haven’t a clue mafia boss is taken to task for a fair amount of the viral phenomenon DONTASKME
Indulge in risky behaviour with Sive, Diana and Clare PLAYDICE
Informer recalls hearing Jim and John from Scotland on Gibraltar – a site where The Romans executed criminals? TARPEIANROCK
Meander by river swan RAMBLE
Members from a number of boards in Switzerland join those on the plane CHAIRMEN
Opening 14 across at school for the masses CROWDS
Period of coaching for Gael from Los Angeles LESSON
Polite request in park – an open grassland on the banks of Spree PLEASE
Puts up a fight defending an alternative opinion dividing the customers and publicans COUNTERS
Ran cult on structure that’s active at night NOCTURNAL
Remains in The Underground spinning records about the foreign weekend SKELETON
Sounds like Matt from the pub is taken in by gangster – the speed merchant DRUGBARON
Speak off the cuff with tips for disguising loans in The Bank ADLIB
Starter of nachos included in the cost one has to pay in The Palace PRINCE
Submissive nature of nemeses out over the weekend MEEKNESS
Take steps around church heading for nave with sign of stress ACCENT
The arts student’s first job in the pawnshop comes as a surprise to the tourists CULTURESHOCK
They unlock many doors for 17 down on the piano SKELETONKEYS
Turns up, young man on record is on the organ PEDAL
What a less structured music teacher might be teaching – is that reason for not attending class perhaps? FREEFORM