Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 6 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
10K in Belgium won reportedly by Malaysian neighbour BRUNEI
A tormentor of 13 down in 10 across and 21 down UGLYSISTER
Be resentful of English ivy on the borders ENVY
Cadger is wrong and there’s a shame in that DISGRACE
Cleans up the childish mistakes for Regina in flowing saree ERASER
Concealed in primrose paths dug up in Cuban capital PESO
Gets rid of most of those in 5 down for head of state ERASES
It’s not nice starting university with key to empty place UGLY
Jack T. Ennis is 21, for instance CARDGAME
Lip reader dismisses idler from the conference PEAR
New start for the German going to the Spanish League divides agents in a story of rags-to-riches CINDERELLA
Passed divorcee on the phone from New York to editor EXCELLED
Perfect place to have breakfast in Clare with authentic dish CEREALBOWL
Please boss out for the night ASLEEP
Prom is in trouble with lockdown? IMPRISON
Ran homes refurbished by cavalier type, of course HORSEMAN
Ran sales organisation from a number of depots ARSENALS
Relative removes wall from stairwells SISTER
Remove from office holy books about America OUST
Reviews short broadcast by two accountants and one of the Wattles from Australia ACACIA
Run into State Police in the dead centre of the hospital CORPSE
Sample of the smoothie embraced by Maria Callas makes a comeback ACAI
Switched sides on LP – presumably that’s what DJ might have done? (7,3’1,4) CHANGEDONESTUNE
Temperature reflects most of Gary, Indiana – to begin with, it’s cold and dreadful TRAGIC
The positions taken by rugby players and the odd person going to park beside school PROPS
They move goods for hospital and university in Israel all over the place HAULIERS
They speak against statement of profits around State Enterprise ridiculing leaders GAINSAYERS
Turns up, manuscript is about one type of music – an Iranian type many have faith in PARSIISM

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