Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 9 2018

Clues Answers
24 across and 10 across providing news from the travellers POSTCARD
Admits criminal is at the centre of things AMIDST
Approaches secretary for the unfinished school PATHS
Arresting biker possibly in a jam having to endlessly survive TRAFFICCOP
Best wishes perhaps – how likely is that? ONTHECARDS
Caught in the forest with batch the agricultural worker relies on CASHCROP
Comment from half of 14 across is a general view perhaps OBSERVATIONPOST
Country hotel for travelling around Capital of Surinam HONDURAS
Duke of Edinburgh perhaps found in San Francisco town SCOT
Foremost grappa drink consumed in precious type of cake GATEAU
Guy’s oval sculpture produced by old Eastern European YUGOSLAV
In a manner of speaking, hammer left out for scrap SAVAGE
Judge overlooks extreme writing in The Examiner ASSESSOR
Just about overcomes the opposition on both sides of pirate ships PIPS
Clues Answers
Limits cabinet ministers having more than one for the road CARS
Magic’s missing from Olympic Games Commission EMPLOY
Opts out of appointment POST
Organisation fined site over initial indiscretion by associates IDENTIFIES
Possessions from a place in the boat ASSETS
Provides a reminder about Dublin meeting Donegal in tight encounter that’s supposed to be friendly CUDDLE
Reserve restaurant opening on Oriental street for literary supporter BOOKREST
Say it isn’t so, as it wasn’t me DENIAL
Some Los Angeles songwriters taught in school LESSON
Support case at society for man of letters POSTBAGS
Takes note of type of swingers pack SCRATCHPAD
Takes over copies misprinted about copper OCCUPIES
The Clash can be relatively unpleasant? FEUD
The Queen produced most of those at the end of 11 across CARD

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