Irish Times (Crosaire) – Apr 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A gaunt marshal outside institute – the one from the Leeward Islands ANTIGUA
A number of those caught up in Puritan ethics TEN
A pair raised in Moscow tenement TWO
Accepted a mate tying the knot presumably tested the water TOOKTHEPLUNGE
Admission doesn’t include mini bar contents SODAS
Bachelor consumed by drink at party and that’s a reflection of what’s on the surface ALBEDO
Beast from the East isn’t finished nevertheless YET
Bust a gut containing party of lads STAG
Choir travels Australia bringing back something meaty and spicy CHORIZO
Colouring agent showed up in a stable diet in the golden years HEYDAY
Courses for those finishing 9 down at school ROADS
Defrauded leaders of The Orange Order and one’s own flesh and blood TOOKIN
Difficulty in parking at the airport heading off PLIGHT
Drunk Pinot over the weekend – a favourite of old writer taking a dip perhaps INKPOT
Fine around Utah with The Gents in that frame of mind OUTLOOK
Garda – the one associated with Hitch – taken in by Preston King going all the way back KNOT
Gave the prize to a sketch about writer AWARDED
Get the better of old university for time with caper OUTPLAY
Going all the way back, OJ took a vehicle from an Arizonian native NAVAJO
Got hold of those characters starting for all sides today TOOK
Heading for Appeal Court to take the initiative ACT
Is it popular to serve up milk, for the most part, to trim young man? That’s up in the air! INLIMBO
Lay figure puts out a fire, as it’s not much to look at UGLY
Left for the journalist to use to make the connection LINK
No badness in basset hound from Quakers’ address THOU
No VAT on videotapes produced as part of a set EPISODE
One of The Greens in Cork – a lefty? KALE
One of those forcing a clear out from Persian Gulf dismissed? As if! PLUNGER
Prometheus dismissed sour dish made with fermented soya TEMPEH
Religious group cut record? Yes, in a state where nothing is leaked! SECRECY
Rented out spare rooms to 27 down and eccentric Lords, e.g. TOOKINLODGERS
Rivers on both sides of university hospital in German region RUHR
Seized part of Dublin and showed no respect TOOKLIBERTIES
Stunt – Russian fighter set up with The Irishman GIMMICK
Swallow, for instance, what’s coming through your letterbox FLYER
Unfocused, having no fun in old capital ESCUDO
Went on tour to endorse Count and a horde on the rampage TOOKTOTHEROAD
Whip loses the head boring secretary of old Eastern official PASHA

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