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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Authorise to remove knits from linen basket ENABLE
Bug in police department captures assistant commissioner backtracking on answer CICADA
Digs up riches under macaroni heads of wheat DURUM
Doesn’t disturb those on drugs STONED
Foolish type of name comes out of mediation IDIOT
Helix welcomes risqu? alternative to Grease? CRUDEOIL
In my opinion, most of the continent get the picture ASISEEIT
Incites legless types to move to music and do the twist with ladies’ man SNAKECHARMER
Insensitive to local fools from family getting to study review THICKSKINNED
Landlord of mates leaving Times Square SQUIRE
Looks after expectant fathers meeting on the Fourth of July SEMINARY
Lubricated agent is not part of delegation OILED
Paper boudoirs, kitchens, parlours and the warmest spaces in the house SUNROOMS
Persecutes sailor who takes drugs ABUSES
Polish off one of those produced in Europe, by the sound of it FINISH
Relative embraces head barman opening new large bottle of wine MAGNUM
Search in the near future coming back to taunt heartless person not part of campaign NONCOMBATANT
Shot in a camera by Hollywood and Disney, for instance AMERICANA
Smashing time presumably, that’s out of most people’s hands BREAKAGE
Sound of Antrim tops sound of Cork – and, for a generation, it’s a never-ending story SOAPOPERA
Sounds like something from Breakfast Menu designed around top bread and butter ultimately? On Your Bike! SERIALNUMBER
Stick to key forward on the wing for United ATTACHED
They store the leftovers in ridiculous steps (sic) CESSPITS
Up on Maine compound – it’s infectious and could go viral PNEUMONIA
Up-to-date checkout incorporating limitless cash advance TRENDY
Vacancy in financial foundation welcomed by lender BLANK
Vain Arab showing off at home in Munich BAVARIAN
You can see this in Ring at times and two other places in Ireland KNOCKDOWN