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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 17 2019

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Clues Answers
A measure of one of those grounded types of sources coming off racecourses ACRE
Agent is not finished with the people on this island REPUBLIC
Awful cheaters from Dean’s Place training those who want to do the jobs in 11 and 22 across TEACHERSCOLLEGE
Class fools from college dispirited by national school CLOWNS
Dave retires at end of surveillance duty to work in the black economy EVADETAX
Each criminal sheltering heartless Persian from The Bill CHARGE
Endless ready money for the footwear designed by the costume department at The Abbey presumably CASSOCKS
Familiarise someone with the figures opening 11 across for one of the subjects TEACHMATHS
Having the knowledge of edible bulbs ONIONS
Ice skater cries out in bit of filming TAKE
Identifying leading man ignoring deal NAMING
In need of immediate attention working in a job developing the port, for example PRESSING
Is eager to get things done quickly for popular academy near Rush INAHURRY
It’s a lesson for the Irish offering to run a finishing school presumably TEACHCLASS
It’s fairly harmless what’s in the First Amendment TAME
It’s not easy to bet against what the bookmaker is supporting HARDBACK
Knocks back a mouthful of drink in Italian city PISA
Life peer loses pile that’s unoccupied FREE
Losing the head at critical points in stands RISES
Old conservative Shakespearean character gets to start at new event OCCASION
Security are aware of this approach and delivery method for drugs ACCESSCODE
Seth cracking up in Italian city looking after the old folks RESTHOME
Shell has a test site around Oxford, Ring and Donnybrook HULLABALOO
Stumble around troop ship TRIP
Take a couple of breaths in the passage – it could be the butterflies? COMMAS
Tests with tries? HASAGO
Two Trim lads from Latin American movement CHACHA
White Snake get to grips with most of the buzz to get clean? WASHUP