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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Considers dismissing Enid Bridge CROSS
Drunk Pilsner over weekend with a dash SPRINKLE
Eats a rum fudge produced by novices AMATEURS
Extract from support literature raises one of the tips TILT
Finds one’s way around with Bill and Pat Cook at school ADAPTS
Fresh veneer covering yard means nothing to the people in general EVERYONE
Grey matter found on the banks of Mississippi Sound MIND
Group cut initially from Band Aid CAMP
If you wouldn’t mind shortly getting worker to open lumber yard in a warm friendly manner? PLEASANTLY
It doesn’t cost anything to put it on a horse with a lack of restraints FREEREIN
It’s standard to conceal children’s ignorance ENSIGN
Most fruit from Madras prepared in the abbey MELODRAMAS
Moving back and forth doing the rounds can be a pest MOTH
Odd menu includes tea with little measure of spice NUTMEG
One maiden with American pen gets a job in newspaper and that might be for life? IMPRISONED
One of those found in 4 down with saltwater MARINE
Ran out of Antwerp and broke down WEPT
Record containing Victoria and Albert meeting Oscar judged to have vanished into the ether EVAPORATED
Relet NYC building of late RECENTLY
Revolutionary writings initially lacking lies of fruitcake perhaps CHERRIES
School trip oversteps a line, in a colourful way STREAK
Takes off terrible activewear top going all the way back to go out for the night ASLEEP
Those in the student block looking to pick up the post in Dean’s Place? SCHOLARS
Took a stroll down Memory Lane with Bellow going into the grass RECALLED
Top something from summer hanger TSHIRT
Turns up all 10 in the stables fed on fish GANNET
Upbeat leaving beauty spot popular with a number of children TOYS
Why you might take an interest in Getaways or develop New Tricks? (7,3’1,4) BROADENONESMIND