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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 2 2019

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Clues Answers
A mistral playing with Cassandra ALARMIST
A sudden undesirable phenomenon produced by barbaric Medici after revolting exercise EPIDEMIC
Add colour to the hall where artist keeps his coats? PAINTROOM
Bottle of Zinfandel taken by the mouth DELTA
Break the news to popular model INFORM
Clown admits initial sketch is out of this world COSMIC
Cold nightcap, for instance, from kitchen is a talking point CHATROOM
Could start sit-in passing around unknown quantity of the funny stuff COMEDY
Cultural organisation welcomes leaders of musical band in part of Africa GAMBIA
Drag into court from A-one pubs drunk SUBPOENA
Everything is backed up by leader’s generous attention welcomed by The House Representatives IMAGES
Excited donor repeats refrain in concert hall RONDO
Is setting up train set from midday for the rest of the afternoon in Madrid SIESTA
ISIS airbrushed out of sensitive incident EVENT
Jobs for people like Polly and Earl Grey from The Producers TEAMAKERS
Make out that old Republican is teaching others a lesson PROFESSOR
Moving camera captures old police force in Night of the Long Knives MASSACRE
No tin in essential supports for painters EASELS
One of those government types with small cool way of keeping the people under the thumb DICTATORSHIP
Plant with dope taken in by spies CASSIA
Ration out cook’s local tea ALLOCATE
Sowed the seeds of what’s passed on by ancestors and was considered special GENERATED
Spies one of The Classifieds for American males SECRETAGENTS
System taking credit for charter, by the sounds of it HIREPURCHASE
Tailor with a type of accommodation up on square ADAPT
The E-Cash forged by wild fast types CHEETAHS
They don’t believe cynic at school SCEPTICS
What The Boss does with requests for Born in The USA CALLSTHETUNE