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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 22 2019

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Clues Answers
An expert on spelling perhaps, Clare is consumed by awful errors SORCERER
Charlie follows old partner to work with justification EXCUSE
Cider drunk on holiday – was that someone’s shout CRIEDOUT
Clip of Marilyn travelling through a place en route to African capital MONROVIA
Club for golf starting off completed by Pinocchio’s father WOODCARVER
Couple of views in The Observer? EYEWITNESS
Established the extremes of the Marquis de Sade MADE
Fill out form on both sides taking a hard line FIRM
Going from country to country by motorway in, for example, top Rolls with worker EMIGRANT
Gran from Germanic nursery rhyme threesome MICE
Has a reputation for exposing type of philosophy that’s not in favour of cover-up NUDISM
Head barman is working at the American bar in the officers’ mess ATTORNEYGENERAL
Keep under lock and key, short academic test for older students at the end of examination INTERN
Legionaries have no lingo for what’s not as tough as it used to be EASIER
Lost on Mars? For such a fee, this will get you back! RANSOM
Night-watchman spends a lot of time looking into space ASTRONOMER
One of the locals is with her majesty in Muslim country IRISHMAN
One of those in the cast left out – the one sorting out Bill PAYER
Problems for lots of children ISSUES
Prosecutors release cop as part of a suit TROUSERS
Rivals were running for the medals for second place presumably? SILVERWARE
Sample of dream lifestyle reflected in what director produced FILM
Sample of sliced halloumi served in an Indian restaurant DHAL
Saucy type upsets bowler in taking second wicket TAHINI
Shelter for brave women protected by Wise Guys at work – that’s a reflection on them all WIGWAM
Some characters target a manager backing up partner MATE
Trim boxer gets unusual invite intended as retribution PUNITIVE
Typhoon swirling around Spain is a tourist attraction HONEYPOT