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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 23 2019

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Clues Answers
18 across opens church in American state synonymous with the pulling power of gamblers in Las Vegas, for instance FRUITMACHINE
A number of waves sound terrifying in boat SERIES
Beastly African cover-up of outing for the game with one of The Blazers SAFARIJACKET
Caught copper cutting joint – it’s a minor setback HICCUP
Caught on the border with drugs and is investigated by the guards CRIME
Clip of those characters in 21 across popular with gangsters doing time CRIMINALS
Diamonds and cocaine hidden by playboy in a crunchy diet snack RICECAKE
Doctor loses the head with churchwarden in public house playing Scottish music BAGPIPER
It’s forbidden in the garden to start grumbling and arguing or creating the conditions for sour grapes perhaps FRUITGROWING
It’s the same old story – insurer is missing RERUN
Jeer coming out of jewellers with dandy SWELL
Most of the analysis on promissory notes is academic STUDIOUS
Number associated with crowd building case for risk takers being dealt a strong hand THREEACES
One foolish person entering Vichy misses hotel in the surrounding area VICINITY
Part payments for butcher’s topsides DEPOSITS
Put out short study for the drinkers to consume DEPORT
Restrain American supporting the milk producers in a bad mood HANDCUFF
See gross, crazy big cannibals OGRESSES
Shaking like a leaf chopping up cedars SCARED
Sidney admits pressure to extend credit outstanding SPLENDID
Some uplifting worthwhile boycott of daggers OBELI
Sticks close to convention park and puts down most of them for amusement PLAYSTHEGAME
Strange CIA terms covering first military truce ARMISTICE
Symphonist dismisses mint or aromatic plant from mint family HYSSOP
Ten operas rewritten in international language ESPERANTO
Throwing down the gauntlet to relative in Waterford DARING
Use an anomaly to go to a medic to diagnose this NAUSEA
Works at the gate guarding a space for loungers in Barcelona PLAYAS