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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Brags about five members of the extended family VAUNTS
Breaking up soils, etc., comes at a turning point in the summer SOLSTICE
Count wants to know can you speak Irish, for instance CENSUS
Cringe over broadcast by troll briefly starting trouble that’s capable of restricting access to JFK? CONTROLTOWER
Dodge successfully a very unfinished square AVERT
Forced to retire as 14 across is starting and energy coming from party is very loud PENSIONEDOFF
Fruit starter of oranges is rotten to core – send it back OLIVE
Give a job cleaning in hospital to a handy one from the board DUSTER
Going through a rough patch as not going steady? UNEVEN
High-flyers overseas find international racing drivers can be useful for a bit of weaving RAFFIA
In reality, lifestyle of sixteen mobilised by church EXISTENCE
Jaw-dropping local deception involves nun on the run STUNNING
Leo’s tuba played in total without qualification ABSOLUTE
Listen behind Guildenstern and Hamlet in Lear? LENDANEAR
No art in satirical piece coming from The Stones perhaps SILICA
Old leader from Orient clips blossoms DEVELOPS
Old party mastermind in the wings OFFSTAGE
One should have cheated leaders in fraud cooked up by the seafood chef FISHCAKE
She clued puzzle to plan SCHEDULE
Sightseer fails to get his birds EGRETS
Slag off gear levers or worship? REVERE
Small overseas hotel with plots guaranteeing an income when the work is finished PENSIONPLANS
Strange sale includes accommodation with draughty buildings perhaps? ALEHOUSES
Sweetheart has no share in online correspondence TWEET
Taximeter doesn’t include time bonus EXTRA
There’s no difference whatever way you look at it, it’s just more of the same IDENTICAL
Thuggish leader in Clare linked to shady business is subject of underhand tactics in court TENNISRACKET
Turns up, objective is cut short in period of rule by Oriental mastermind ENGINEER