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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 29 2019

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Clues Answers
A set routine to order in a group of trees GROOVE
A U-Boat built on the banks of haven by German motorway AUTOBAHN
A-list rum cocktail – is that a measure of public-spiritedness? ALTRUISM
Beats up those characters in Trainspotting TOPS
Board members from Switzerland join those on the plane CHAIRMEN
Course of action for writing introduction to screenplay for those interested in plot SCHEMERS
Everyone from island goes a fair amount of the distance to party up north ALLIANCE
Foreign politician welcomes row on the radio in the introduction PROEM
Gloss over missing grove – it’s a tax right-off LOSS
Graduate tucked into heads, wings or thighs of a beastly type from down under WOMBAT
Is it a badge of honour for church starting witchcraft? Mostly! BROOCH
Local diamonds sourced from China originally by cool type during the summer ICETEA
Loss of face in company for medical examiner in Ulster COMEDOWN
Make allowances for what the bank will do with my money TAKEINTOACCOUNT
Makes a scene with Alliance’s missing leader ACTS
Master flabbergasted by public-school mothers MATERS
Network mostly for soldiers bringing others to view the site WEBCAM
Nine topics redrafted for examination INSPECTION
Organisation for women consumed by what’s produced by The Sun offering a way for those eager to take flight RUNWAY
Place to holiday before Day of Judgement – only go if all else fails LASTRESORT
Reflects music that’s nasty about lead singer produced by a hard, cheesy type PARMESAN
Revolutionary takes half of mine and leaves home? That’s bound to bear fruit! CHERRYTREE
Sample of layer in dermis of skin RIND
Spirit photography? Tip – it’s behind you! RUMP
Stock option and payment for services connected with top drugs and grass CATTLEFEED
Stylish director loses head with overbearing arrogance AUTEUR
Supporters meeting about a head of state in Russia CAUCASUS
Susceptible to a piece of cake EASY