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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 30 2019

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Clues Answers
A foreign fitness centre? Radical and best starting off for the most unfit! UNHEALTHIEST
Beef isn’t bad with a number of conveniences BENEFITS
Builds up to make greater use of the centre AUGMENTS
Butting in is no way to carry on INTERRUPTION
Caught song reverberating around garden party in restaurant CAFETERIA
Decorative mask for disguise? VENEER
Detective from leading women’s association consumed by proposal? That’ll need some getting used to! MODIFICATION
Exercises journalists’ union and pressure on society PRESSUPS
Famous doctor with laid-back patients linked to one article is at fault? That said, it’s an unintentional error! FREUDIANSLIP
Figures in a hotel admit Oscar has nothing to do with Frenchmen living together in the same accommodation ROOMMATES
First off, a measure of the speed coming in by sea from what sounds like a chain of islands – don’t mention it? NOTATALL
Function of English Channel? EVENT
Give a false picture to worried guides protecting One Direction DISGUISE
Gloats in a collection out of sentimentality NOSTALGIA
In a state of flux getting ready for a match CHANGING
Increasingly ignores aliens turning on the waterworks CRYING
Lawless part of the circle in revolutionary China ANARCHIC
Lie in wait for early morning transport with heroin AMBUSH
Navy is unsuccessful, leaderless and gets hammered NAILED
Neat staying off mediation, in a manner of speaking IDIOM
Nominates doctor on American border MINNESOTA
Relative of American set free AUNTIE
Reviews English chapter of history about key match AGREE
Say hello to redhead in street from Jersey SHIRT
Short mini? LITTLE
Sounds like advice to curb temper-tantrums is put at risk ENDANGER
Take a siesta after minor seizure KIDNAP
Visions of careers away from the cash registers SIGHT