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Irish Times (Crosaire) – April 5 2019

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Clues Answers
American loud music – Rob is shaking in his boots AFRAID
Anne IV retires to European city VIENNA
Bad-mannered crusader dismisses scar RUDE
Bed is large in ocean liner produced in the UK SCOTLAND
Democracies missing codes in Ukraine, or is it Russia? CRIMEA
Douglas leaves shoulder bag for Rosemary HERB
Edit crude novel giving it direction REDUCE
Expert attending to 11 across knows a swelled head when they see it BRAINSPECIALIST
Graduate party in public houses for the islanders BARBADOS
Great Dane releases Green facts and figures DATA
Her career’s disrupted by investigator RESEARCHER
Included by retrograde software pirates – the mature variety RIPE
Leave one’s mark on something similar to 2 down SIGN
Lively type made it an order ANIMATED
Making the most sense of leader in 15 across losing the head on waterfront BRAINIER
Minds what’s covered in algebra in school BRAINS
Misfit painted rim of press PRINTMEDIA
Old magazine section in department store for runners in American hotels BELLBOYS
One Frenchman is a type of enemy here to stay perhaps IMMORTAL
Oops – criminal in papers is a little crawler ISOPOD
Opens 15 across to fight intelligent character BRAINBOX
Produces the hits that are out of this world for those aiming for the stars ROCKETRY
Side bar is missing something to put the butter and marmalade on BREAD
Some of the ghetto mentality can be read as a warning OMEN
Sounds like the Arabians perhaps running a number of cities MAYORS
They’ll get you thinking of most of those from 1 down in prison BRAINCELLS
Typical of a mother and wife to mobilise over last altercation MATERNALLY
View of a small leaderless bunch of oil producers from half of Texas ASPECT