Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 1 2018

Clues Answers
A measure of one of those grounded types of sources coming off racecourses ACRE
Architect releases her plan TACTIC
Charge one of those stable types admitting nothing LOAD
Drunk in Tokyo goes after big shot – it’s a similar brand my father gave me NAMESAKE
Editorials dismiss diet with salt SAILOR
Endorse a play that’s well presented REASONED
Gloria in dress? That’s a first! ORIGINAL
Goes through the books of Great Dane’s missing agent READS
Half the bunch of flowers cut into pieces in trail recognised by profiler PSYCHOPATH
Hesitantly drops this in an orderly fashion NEATLY
In addition to some potential soundtrack ALSO
Is it meat, bananas or parrots? IMITATES
Kind of sweet for Marsh retiring to Cork GOBSTOPPER
Knocks back drink – it’s a reserved type that needs no introduction in The Laurels? TROPHY
Clues Answers
Madeleine dismisses lie as put down DEMEAN
Music similar to 8 across coming out of The Cellar ROCKSALT
Mysterious duo after justice for those defending themselves in Osaka JUDO
No Kir in milk bar for one of Mary’s followers LAMB
One is consumed by pile in the farmyard – initial odour is never-ending and affects what’s going on in printworks COMPOSITOR
Partner admits old city is developed as much as it can be MATURE
Peacekeeper on diet cooked ray contrary to house rules UNPARLIAMENTARY
Pub chain to open up – is that a sign? CRAB
Religious type takes head off bank employer for casting the first stone perhaps JEWELLER
Ruffle someone’s feathers with a Green remedy ENRAGE
Run a risk with a feature of the roof around back of the stadium GAMBLE
Show off the plane – it’s a Jumbo ELEPHANT
The Spanish sparking wine from Barcelona, for instance, is good at a stretch ELASTICITY
Weekend in Chester mobile? One can draw one’s own conclusions! SKETCHER

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