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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 10 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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Alley cats call out one of those responsible for The Rising YEAST
Anytime now, admits up for a fair amount of sports leading to silverware? SOUPSPOON
Band taking in public house unzip the covers one by one? STRIPBARE
Bluffs backward small party from the Italian college CLIFFS
Brush company is starting to make hard whitish parts of the chest and locks? (4,3’1,4) COMBONESHAIR
Busby knocks back Asti in cocktail from South Pacific TAHITIANS
Calm heard by one of those on the board PIECE
Elite getting out of helicopter providing space for the American rockers PORCH
Hand over money guarding fool from Washington? On the contrary, that’s the last thing you might do! PASSAWAY
Has nothing to do with why people won’t join Labour? IDLENESS
Hound produced by beasts all over the place BASSET
Ideally the view of honest broker perhaps and ten obese butchers from 3 down mostly SEENTOBEFAIR
It limits one’s outlook perhaps all around train crossing river at journey’s end MYOPIA
Latest on 100 metres dash all over The Paper NEWSPRINT
Liquid applied to skin includes actinium bringing up one of the spots LOCATION
Opening of institute in doubt? Bizarrely offer more! OUTBID
Opens 18 across at school and gets ideas THINKS
Operatives lose vote for tribute PRAISE
Overturned, for example, submerged in case prepared by Governmental groups AGENCIES
Places to get in on for those who don’t want to take flights? GROUNDFLOORS
Popular uplifting retweet about bad-mannered gatecrasher INTRUDER
Ruffians get no fun from country festivals FAIRS
Rugby players shameless at first scrum FORWARDS
Say what’s on your mind to slight Kelvin for all to hear THINKOUTLOUD
Skill of crafty type, first to get to the banks of River Liffey ARTISTRY
Some of those all ears in rebellious country ISRAEL
Spymaster doesn’t take rap for the prevailing social order SYSTEM
The most annoying old ship covered by coat of arms CROSSEST