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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A cinema adaptation of There Will Be Blood, but not enough of it ANAEMIC
A measure of the gold ale taken from the A La Carte CARAT
Beam held by self-deprecating ringleader GRIN
Boo suspect winner from the pit OBOIST
Clare finished with American woman on the west coast COUNTYDONEGAL
Cohort of the characters appear loud in the House of Lords EARL
College in Haiti adapted exercises for the Orientals TAICHI
Describe a technology in part for the policeman to work BEAT
Doing the maths for The D?il in place of the king? COUNTINGHOUSE
Event in Ring needs no introduction to comedian or fool OUTWIT
Flexible type from A-list working in Clare bends over backwards ELASTIC
Frank in middle age is getting the show off the ground OPENING
Get it exactly right on the borders of nature trail NAIL
Indication of mass agreement in Sacramento AMEN
Individual capital rights to remove one from debts can be hard to take ONEROUS
Insider to stream a YouTube spread from the deli MAYO
Local authority is down on state lawyer COUNTYCOUNCIL
Most of the trouble is with honey producer BEE
Nearly 100 per cent is an invention and primarily used around the houses PURLIEU
Clues Answers
Of course, that lot on stag party can never say no YESMEN
Offensive response to initial charge in bar strike COUNTERATTACK
Old king, in short, is wise to get out of wet suit TUT
Place that needs no introduction in ghost novel with rundown areas GHETTOS
Renoir worried about the end of summer – is that wrong? INERROR
Rushed off one’s feet agitating The Goon ONTHEGO
Serb leaves Sorbonne in the middle of the day NOON
Shines out of Nissen Hut in Brazil NUT
Show-off in game is a mystery to others ENIGMA
Some compliment – a benefit for Bill TAB
Sour exchange between Belgium and France’s stock market BOURSE
Split from a party in The Tempest TORNADO
Sum up what’s on all sides today COUNT
Take account of what’s in San Marino technology NOTE
Taste sample of delicatessen seasonings SENSE
Tennis pro has no nets to place in the ground ORPIN
Troublemaker stinks out the co-op? BADEGG
Unclear play relates to a type of energetic family? NUCLEAR
Upsets old city over The Wire failing to start – that’s live culture for you YOGURT