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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 11 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A big risk taker to most of those in 21 across and 3 down DAREDEVIL
A rotor designed for one of the speakers ORATOR
American cons taken to task for sending the newcomer for the bubble in the spirit level (1,4’1,6) AFOOLSERRAND
An expert on spelling perhaps, Clare is consumed by awful errors SORCERER
Broadcast by Victor heartlessly kicking partner on your bike AIRVALVE
Challenges some characters from fundraiser advocating review DARES
College booze-up? Off top of head, primarily lay low or man upstairs will certainly hear about it from someone else! INTERCESSION
Contains forged uncle’s ID INCLUDES
Download movie from video camera for one’s amusement ARCADE
Figured out how centre, with a fair amount of luck, and concert hall take a break GOTOLUNCH
For the knight’s protection, remove dog from guardroom ARMOUR
Home Rule for one of those in The Liberties? INDEPENDENCE
Honourable mention – is that all there is for leaders caught by scam? CITATION
Named everyone locked in by church key CALLED
Not working – they’re told to contact firm with royal director in the publishing business, confidentially OFFTHERECORD
Official documents for drivers of peers travelling around Oxford and part of the UK LOGBOOKS
Omen from memoranda relates to crisis DRAMA
Organisation produces mass hysteria dismissing Sharia SYSTEM
Presumably, The Boys in Blue are looking for this change around half-time MOTIVE
Puts own stamp on fresh pasta including starter of dumplings ADAPTS
Resided over with underworld boss? DEVIL
Selfish types following those going under in the business world of late? TAKERS
Something from the hive served up in delicatessen or diner DRONE
Those in Cairo mixed-up in fracas AFRICANS
Unravel anagram? With constant spirit! ARMAGNAC
What The Masons made of the Italian racket captured by wiretaps BUILDINGS
What’s more, head of state is meeting Trump – it’s covered by the foreign version of Panorama? LANDSCAPE
Writing to officer in misery to take Oriental drug employed by those familiar with the drill building bridges? PROCAINE