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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 13 2018

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A cedar chopped up for someone’s amusement ARCADE
Banks to pay a price in March PACE
Board member from Balearic Islands opens retail opportunity BISHOP
Broker raises my problem EMISSARY
Drew attention to how awful the game is, for instance, in travelling the wilds WHISTLED
Finish writing success story ACHIEVER
Heal or cure in Asian city LAHORE
In agreement to switch from Leinster ONSIDE
In retrospect, made tracks with artist, tenor or one of those doing voice-over NARRATOR
In retrospect, two coppers left sober LUCID
Is silent leaving inhospitable, fearful complex PHOBIA
Make modifications to direction on green light for the other half ALTEREGO
Make up with mouthy types for Mark LIPSTICK
Manage old musician on the radio HANDLE
Models mostly in local demand to work with home for little people (4’1,5) DOLLSHOUSE
Most of the hearing has nothing on Eir report set-up – that’s our overall perception SENSORIA
Mystery man loses the head with old philosopher from 1 down with a hatred of foreigners XENOPHOBIA
Peach salad and port where the service is supposed to be good CHAPEL
Propose a question to old-fashioned leader’s constituents – that’s one for the books TABLEOFCONTENTS
Regular practice for university consumed by new trial RITUAL
Romans test ground for a number of varieties ASSORTMENT
Sell drugs to tuck shops with no stock PUSH
Sides with Beavis and Butt-Head for calming one of those strung out? BEAD
Stalin left East Berlin for Oktoberfest BEER
Tabloid dismisses lad in last write-up OBIT
They get hooked by fishy types with dirt on Labour mostly from manuscript EARTHWORMS
Those at The Bar reject petty argument SPAT
Top policeman from crime-free Utah got the best of the butchers PRIMECUT