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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 13 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A signal to pick up a Dior dress RADIO
Avoids note from a follower taken to the cleaners? ABSTAINS
Breaks up with detective arresting purist at random DISRUPTS
Can be found in deli speaking to dishy type INDIAN
Consistency in one all-consuming political group PARITY
Create problem, in principle, for Concern CAUSETROUBLE
Dahl is missing from dining hall? Keep that under your hat! LINING
Dance tango in friendly islands TONGA
Dogs people like me? IRISHSETTERS
Elk taken out of Lake Erie by a lofty place for the birds AERIE
Engineering on third floor in Alberta building complex ELABORATE
Fish and chips, cheeseburgers, including oyster starters with thin slices of fish CARPACCIO
Insult accountant at function having nothing to do with loud, local dealer in stolen goods Causeoffence
It’s a sample from street cook TESTER
Medieval cocktail? OLDFASHIONED
Menu contains starters of brisket on unique hot Mediterranean salad TABBOULEH
New topics about large unit of the housework? POLITICS
Pay no attention to Diana’s work out – the one that relates to getting the right figure DISCOUNT
Producers opening both 14 and 18 across CAUSES
Regina and Rita Lawrence in papers got under someone’s skin IRRITATED
Sends off unimpressed by the man in the middle UMPIRE
They’re produced by those trading on futures with interpretations of advance information READINGS
Those employed by The Masons embedded in The House BRICKS
Those leading teams of participants missing trip CAPTAINS
Transforms fresh tapas around Dublin ADAPTS
What one who’s good on their feet might be doing in Spartan government TANGO
What the promoters could do in Ring with small vehicle RUNABOUT
Works in an educational institute sending children home to America? Going back, uses up hard earned cash! SUSPENDS