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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 14 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Anchors in The Media covering networking? PRESENTS
Badger or dog? BOTHER
Characters with no carers or that’s the gossip CHAT
Charlie follows old partner to work with justification EXCUSE
Corn pie baked with duck and cheese PECORINO
Decline what’s fancied in the last race FADE
Different types of beer cups from capsules? ALES
Director in steel works is the first to arrive ELDEST
Exchanged words in manner of speaking with Troy and managed to get criticised harshly TRANSLATED
Fat engineer by mid-afternoon is storing a supply of food LARDER
Flip both sides of pigment cells by mistake SLIP
Foremost calories in butter? Every scientist knows that! FACT
French street contains gym – the Indians get their money’s worth out of it RUPEE
Get through to listener in public house falling over BEARUP
Guide for Trim coach on The Hill INSTRUCTOR
It’s about piece of fiction by revolutionary old leader – for that we can be thankful RELIEVED
Oriental workers in accommodation taking the last of the readings of the rain and wind ELEMENTS
Permitted to get 11 across in divorce LEGALSEPARATION
Pirates on a rig in Gulf SEPARATION
Pitch for the players CAST
Take head off expert going back to mine in the middle of Christmas 1914, for instance DECAPITATE
The sound on the street of wild pumas captured by old police force RAPMUSIC
To the poet, always consumed by where one finds actors – in Titanic, for instance STEERAGE
Told fibs about a German bishop offering to remain undercover taking a rest LIEINBED
Uncover speculators dismissing Spurs LOCATE
Whipped B?chamel starter and consumed BEATEN
Within the bounds of possibilities to American consumed by unreliable beliefs FEASIBLE
Young man from old revolutionary organisation going all the way back concerns one joining The Union BRIDAL