Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A small little plant that’s good for the nice people from South Africa to get in first BONSAI
and 22 across: It’s for one of those in-form types employed in 13 across to master SCHOOL
Best come out first as to how you’d know if teacher is any good? CLASSWILLTELL
Charlie – a young woman joining Labour is responsible for generating conflict between the workers and those in power CLASSSTRUGGLE
Couple of pirates set off PAIR
Did some pressing work for Oscar in new diner IRONED
Faithful to the original Gospel? LITERAL
Family break divides German and French students, for example CLASSINTERVAL
Fresh rewards for those employed by the comics DRAWERS
Group of eight good books about court case finally OCTET
Innovative device making a comeback in port, e.g., Dagenham GADGET
Instrument in old auto in America OCARINA
It’s not widely known, policeman is following a number of them in The Paper synonymous with dealing CLASSIFIEDADS
Local bag of tricks for artist, for example, setting up GEAR
Local rum for shot in crack pot? ODDBALL
Looks from social worker and those taking flight AIRCREW
Most of the terrain is uphill, endlessly rough and leads to fatigue LANGUOR
Mr Taro from Rotterdam – a music lover TED
Novice denies working with oil producer LINSEED
Production dismisses poor leads to install INDUCT
Rather hostile in a cool way to a Gallic adaptation? GLACIAL
Reading material for barman on the breakfast bar SCROLL
Resting place of some proper character PERCH
Run out of Scandinavian country? In your dreams! NOWAY
Sample of parlour’s gelato served up in portions LEGS
See 25 across TEACHER
Sounds angry, almost short, losing the head with cowardly type YELLOW
Source in Mediterranean report ultimately found SEED
Stimulant found on both sides of revolting rubbish dumps SPUR
Style of all sides today from the start CLASS
There’s no soda in bodegas to cadge BEG
They get fired by a major supplier for concealing what’s in farm subsidies ARMS
Those in 31 across lose the head consumed by the black stuff by the sea COASTAL
Two parties – one of them dead to the world DODO
Whopper served up in Marseilles LIE
Withdraw from a case as doctor cures disease at the centre RECUSE
Without this you won’t catch 18 down in shed? CAST
You bet it’s found over in exercise yard YES

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