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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A foreign state school on the Thames is left untouched, of course UNEATEN
Bar portion doesn’t include side of rolls EXCEPT
Buckle in boot a little fishy BONITO
Client’s boss employed by the sign writer STENCIL
Could start to not be able to stomach a classy nice source of wine CHATEAU
Diplomacy over one going to America with old historian TACITUS
Dynasty from The Eternal City going all the way back CLAN
Exposes those characters starting for all sides today OUTS
First to yell out names to stooge YESMAN
Fool show-off in a cult LUNATIC
Gangster in damp hotel with means WEALTH
Has no sympathy presumably for why altruist showed goodwill OUTOFKINDNESS
Is no longer bothered presumably where dandruff comes from? (3,2,3’1,4) OUTOFONESHAIR
It’s art broadcasted by channel STRAIT
It’s okay going back to find missing first bit of dust in eastern capital KOPECK
No gas found in God’s acre by design of The Creator? DECOR
Not in Times for number of years – those with power are to blame for these failures OUTAGES
Old-age pensioner fails to get alongside for first game OPENER
On holiday with most of those in 3 down OUT
One can’t win with philosopher dismissing hip-hop LOSER
One of those on the computer produced code KEY
Pitches in The Alps without a T?? HELPS
Range of leads, osmium, vanadium except nickels OVEN
Relative admits one local drunk on island is fighting civilians MILITIA
Religious school after a French Revolution NUNS
Repeat insult coming from touchlines ECHO
Safe is not at risk (3,2,4’1,3) OUTOFHARMSWAY
Scot free around island for one from School of Philosophy STOIC
Shutdown is not working OUTOFBUSINESS
Start off confirmation for judge to go over again ITERATE
Starters of tortilla and chorizo often served in Mexico restaurant TACO
Stumble along Dodder TOTTER
Summer treats back for those in Chinese Cinema ICES
Summit on the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead HEAD
The neighbours, the Spanish and the French retiring – what’s the point in getting played by a plucky sort UKELELE
Turns up, American writer is not short in old city – there’s a certain poetry to that RONDEAU
Waiter hasn’t got ear of comedian WIT
You don’t want to get stuck in this revolutionary part of structuralism RUT