Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 16 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Akin to opening 6 down? FAMILY
Avoid Trump ultimately in abyss? Wrong! BYPASS
Coordinator fails to get on air with sister’s colleague DOCTOR
Drawing power from amulet around one from South Africa? CHARISMA
English cleric freely admits Last Judgement is powerful in the main? ELECTRIC
Figure in a plane drops one to land PLOT
Ignore criminal quarter REGION
It’s a matter of opinion offering the son verbal support NEWSPAPERCOLUMN
It’s about problems with new prints REISSUES
Lamp unit created from metal PLATINUM
Line found in a novel that’s grave for all the relatives FAMILYPLOT
Old British politician at African party for English leader in next to nothing? PITTANCE
Picking out off-colour chinos including orange top for golf CHOOSING
Precious type of hammer or a blade ADORABLE
Pulp or Squeeze? PRESS
Send someone home to evaluate entertaining backing band recording first Number One REPATRIATE
Some Catherine de Medici rebellious plot – the one we associate with gardeners, from the start EDEN
Spike outside Bohemian garden – the first enjoying the social gathering PARTYING
State of artist coming out of train station NATION
Strongly recommending going under to remove node URGING
Supporters – those synonymous with The Hill behind pitch in?? ASSISTANTS
Tax credit ridiculed in part, on reflection DIRT
They’re really slow to arrest jockey over horse from central Ireland heading to Sandown stragglers
Treacherously dismisses healer’s protestations OUTCRY
Type of mustard pot opened with one big blow GASP
Unable to stomach the extremes of hazardous waste HATE
Washington lobby upsets specialist from the subcontinent WALLAH
Whopping great sides on the Humber Bridge HUGE

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