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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Characters in upcoming business obsessed with big cheese BOSS
Communiqu?s from synods attended by journalists NEWSCONFERENCES
Course of action for writing introduction to screenplay for those interested in plot SCHEMERS
Cross Swords accommodating head lad or girl? FLORENCE
Found in 7 down, in a manner of speaking TUSCAN
Give cheek to 21 down and 24 down ANSWERBACK
Hustler doesn’t get the false allegation that’s an insult SLUR
In response to backing Rea touring New South Wales ANSWER
King Cobra has no groin or spinal column BACK
Listen secretly, for example, around American leaders retweeting wrong information EARWIG
Lucy travels outside Spain and Central Germany with old school LYCEUM
Not hard to spy over time for head of the NKVD MOLTEN
Old partner provides pointers around opening delis and bars EXCLUDES
Out around water feature on the golf course LOOPHOLE
Pat, Bert, Dock and Bob – which one is the childish buoyant type found in Bath? RUBBERDUCK
Polish paper from the start could be under a cloud SUNSHINE
Pressure to receive order from judge PERCEIVE
Serving up drink with no head in The Palace? Or doing it again as a test! RETAKING
Starting to disembark from old boat without light DARK
Strongboxes to ship containing argon and iron SAFES
Switch record, recalling in court, love for musical composition CONCERTO
Take camera from peacemaker for a quick look PEEK
To damage one foreign politician is a breeze IMPAIR
Took advantage of student letting off TNT USED
Turns up, country yokel provides tip for date with energetic figure DYNAMO
Welcome those from school with principals having a nice day in boat SHAKEHANDS
Worries about one accepting the challenge of working with players not in a full-time job CARETAKERS
Wrongly take the Spanish coin NICKEL