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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 17 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A school group from small estate ASSETS
Aide lost out in the middle of nowhere ISOLATED
Attended a meeting in an observatory capacity for the sultan – the material type SATIN
Came by to get one’s hands on Oriental starter dish OBTAINED
Celebrity cast found lying on a beach at Cannes, for instance STARFISH
Checks those holding up the wine glasses STEMS
Coach of first team managed stars primarily from coastal city TRANSPORT
Connoisseur consuming wine at The Centre has a reputation for investing in things that are costly? FINANCIER
Cover for English department like COBRA HOODED
Director’s order to briefly meet expectations, from the start, leads to sense of achievement SATISFACTION
Doesn’t take much to weigh down old relatives left out OUNCES
Found in Zanzibar – relocated in a crude container BARREL
Has an inclination this is for the supporters from Dublin and Kerry HILLSIDE
Is shown on television consuming wine designed specifically for high-flyers AIRPORTS
Let down as Old Penny is given contract DISAPPOINTED
Most of the dish on paper is a level above the rest PLATFORM
Part of the body in Aldershot or Southampton TORSO
Party dismisses Unionist leader, a number of foreign politicians and those employing scientists LABORATORIES
Place in military band for display that’s newsworthy SPLASH
Praise? That’s pensive from Vice-President! CREDIT
Prepared the way for press to open record on two writers PRECEDED
Presumably, The Weather Girls recorded them with The Three Degrees and others TEMPERATURES
Samuel conceals Diana’s humiliating cruelty SADISM
State component doesn’t refer to The Troubles PEACE
The bare bones of what ancient diggers dug up of late SKELETONS
The same as citadel in ruin IDENTICAL
Trendy set mysteriously unlikely to brag MODEST
Unexpected nudity is causing friction DISUNITY