Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 18 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Accommodation concealed by rising coastal fog FLAT
Artist’s impressions of unusual spot in dice DEPICTIONS
Bug popular splinter group INSECT
By-product is far-fetched, cutting, hard? EFFECT
Closes 15 across? And the point – they’re protective of China perhaps! CABINETS
Cooking at indoor type of restaurant TANDOORI
Creative type from museum is getting endless local credit ARTISTIC
Did a sinful action on one’s high horse locally DISDAINFUL
Display stands with elevated view across river to theatre ETAGERES
Drug dealers from whom you’re likely to get 25 across CHEMISTS
Event in Ring is initially lacking comedian and fool OUTWIT
Gorge on drink – it’s essential if you want to get away from it all PASSPORT
Irrational fear of flower found outside hotel – the type they eat in the Gaeltacht, in a manner of speaking? PHOBIA
It’s disagreeable to organisation getting a call from The Party co-ordinator UNINVITING
Knocks back spirits, albeit at the back of the queue LAST
Mike from America in Tibet travelling? I’d be fairly confident that’s true! ITMUSTBE
Old consul, governor, orator and theocratic is missing that? CICERO
Part of flipping brand, e.g., gutlessly pulled TUGGED
Pull up and remove rose from trefoils LIFT
Roar from orchestra near to one’s heart CHEST
Some of the graffiti bound up in a final notice OBIT
Take orders for Hawkeye bootlegs turning up OBEY
The Cure opening for 15 across MEDICINE
The foreign First Lady is taken in by Greek character, a hot one CHILLI
The Taoiseach’s advisors on Health presumably should have something for the headaches they’ve caused? MEDICINECABINET
Walks nervously heading off with experts ACES
Wear away in America sporting beard ABRADE
Wickedness associated with the water of life or the devil’s buttermilk? EVILSPIRIT

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