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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 19 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A diversion for the little ones after school period in the abbey? PLAYTIME
A flap in large gym in Alabama LAPEL
Ace gets out of spacesuit for a number of exercises SITUPS
All that’s left of the opposition when they’ve been mauled by The Lions? The decaying bodies of the Springbok! CARCASES
Contests firm is getting 1000 formal requests with signatures COMPETITIONS
Conversion goes over loose-head at the French Test CHALLENGE
Does a job designing red veils DELIVERS
Fair amount of The Stones taken in by individual with sound off OPINE
Gael leaving Los Angeles will learn from this LESSON
Half of seminary is cut-off from those sharing with the neighbours SEMIDETACHED
In a corner without parking? Reverse and go someone else! DEPART
It’s as plain as day for detective upsetting local foolish types going to court DISTINCT
It’s still about Bill – the romantic type heard under the balcony SERENADE
One speech at faculty provides vision EYESIGHT
Part of the unfolding picture card of one looking for speed RACER
Red tops do this to sensationalise Beano’s depiction of death perhaps? SPLATTER
Serge’s complex is way out EGRESS
Small spot on the bottom of the foot creates a type of stiffness STARCH
Small type of bridge over river is perfect for those going a short distance STROLL
Sorry about this, as it’s a bit of horseplay for soldiers from Spain APOLOGISE
Squash without head of radicchio and a type of cheese GOUDA
Still no chance finding most of them from Takeaway NEVERTHELESS
Stylish director loses head with overbearing arrogance AUTEUR
Thanks for the review of new Croatian pipe APPRECIATION
The Apprentice is not finished getting both sides to feature or get involved in someone else’s business INTERFERE
Train – leave on it to higher ground ELEVATION
Welcomes those putting them in their place up north USHERSIN
What one exercising strong-arm tactics produces perhaps in seafood report BICEPS