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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Bolt heading off for the Marathon” – produced by a number of the copies of The Press PRINTRUN
A rogue getting webmail, even letters and top copies from The Don ACADEMIC
Address in what way it affects the tone at party (3-1’2-2) HOWDYEDO
Baffles the other side’s guards? What could be wrong! FOXES
Bishop does someone a service with musicians BASSISTS
Butters ends of ciabatta toast for open sandwich FATS
Capable of dressing someone up as materialist? TAILOR
Charges racking up in Tallahassee Foundation FEES
Courted a show off – the classy type EDUCATOR
Fashion – starts in 6 down MAKE
Gets caught up in sheer frustration of looking for work with nothing on FREE
It is found by unit in old Turkish city with civilian armies MILITIAS
Lock up legend with a bad temper GARAGE
Old partner starts temporary experiment in Brazil that’s radical for Shell EXTERIOR
One of the colours of Dublin and Down BLUE
One of the Independents in 24 across having strength of character FREESPIRIT
Payment that’s short is welcomed by one next in line? It’s an issue for Dexter! HEIFER
Policeman loses head with jerks hanging out of the bar OPTICS
Prayer from Spain at the end of The War appeals to authority PETITIONER
Raises relative from Belgium around a city in England with symptoms of epistaxis NOSEBLEEDS
Relative joining broadcasting authority in The City MUMBAI
Scare the pants off Justice in bog FRIGHTEN
Snoop around with four characters at the start of 11 across NOSE
Step outside The Convention Centre in France following model’s partner – the one breaking the rule MAKEANEXCEPTION
The Crown’s star cast touring around Ireland and America TIARAS
The Verve closing for 13 down SPIRIT
Time of your life at NYC Model Business providing a particular service AGENCY
What junior might be asked to do on first day at work? Open 15 across with key held by Greek character! MAKETHETEA