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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 20 2018

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A clue for detective from those people around Washington guide LEADTHEWAY
Barman consumes mature Burgundy finishing it shamelessly BOLDLY
Charge for records legally required by those in estates, for instance TAXDISCS
Clearly this isn’t old plaque designed for Fourth of July OPAQUELY
Close most of the paper with one quick look SHUFTI
Communicate about universal suffrage from the start with corrosive material RUST
Count’s men leave demands ADDS
Dean leaves broad beans to soak ABSORB
Holds the title in Trim town before last fights OWNS
In dispute over refusal to go with immoral conditions ONBADTERMS
It’s spreading in a flowery way from The Wall to motorway in Castile potentially CLEMATIS
Lists of the songs by Capital’s groups LOTS
Mental breakdown over the fire MANTEL
Mouthy type admits turning secret agent involved in the construction of The Wall GYPSUM
Newspaper column on dispute tends to keep people captive indefinitely in condemned housing DEATHROW
Odd thing for accountant to post with late tot NIGHTCAP
Office takes brief case for public official BUREAUCRAT
Officer takes fair amount of the week in hostelry that’s gathering dust COBWEB
One of the subjects reviews The Imposter outside the capital MATHS
Ring for motoring press to stop drivers in their tracks WHEELCLAMP
Set down area in covering LAID
Sly plan to get fit after losing lead? In a word, that’s part of what’s been said! SYLLABLE
Small matter of spy changing clue MOLECULE
Small place of further education is half Basque and quite distinctive UNIQUE
Stylish director loses head with overbearing arrogance AUTEUR
Trim model with a ballpark figure? IDEA
Type of hypocrisy applied to some people and not to others in Spitting Image? They need to be run up the flagpole! DOUBLESTANDARDS
Worked out classy type of 14 down was what the accountant did TOTALLED