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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 20 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Allotment permit for area near back garden and church ALLOWANCE
Belief in some do-gooder covering up CREDO
Dijon’s revolutionary informers found in wet ground shot in the head MUSTARDS
In order to remove Don from The Mob RIOTER
Issues with competitors not taking metro TOPICS
Likely to work with American consumed by strange beliefs FEASIBLE
Lyric, etc., rewritten as a vehicle for the little ones TRICYCLE
Network of Israelites not taking rest LIAISE
Notes Annie has a job at the bar providing something for the drinkers MUSICALSCALE
On reflection, needs to get to Bath badly over the start of the weekend for barbecue SKEWER
One of The Stones and Fat Elvis playing Woodstock? ROCKFESTIVAL
One taking shifts in the factory arising out of what the Buddhists say is enlightening SATORI
Oscar, for one, gets a place in medical institution AWARD
Out of the blue, organisation is due to arrive with what’s central to analysis UNEXPECTEDLY
Poser from takeaway has no idea CLUELESS
Presumably, this is to check if high-flyer is capable to take flight from an exam? TESTPILOT
Presumably, this limits the number in educational establishment or in a classy outfit? SCHOOLCAP
Puts on school gates – wobbly from the start STAGES
Religious leader has a bone to pick in The Warren perhaps RABBIT
Run taxi around far side of the suburb on the new types presumably? RUBBER
Second sight of something Jeremiah said PROPHESY
Sounds like something you’d get from The Treaty and The Queen PIECE
Sunblock on body ultimately contains sun? One should know in a nebulous way it doesn’t stop rays penetrating! CLOUDYSKY
Tax on total amount reportedly is annoying TIRESOME
They’re bound to sell on a short trip to a novel place? BOOKSHOP
Time in the latter half of the day for the horsey set EVENTING
What one of the gravediggers has to do in Hamlet with clown’s remit ACTLIKEAFOOL
Women upsetting teacher telling Head to watch position? WRIST