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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 20 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A heartless organisation of people spying on agents leads to plant – a spiky type ACACIA
A hydrotherapeutic remedy perhaps found in 2 down and in England SALTBATH
A new commercial welcomed by accountant providing a home for those in 15 across CANADA
Article about motoring organisation in old country THRACE
Article on good books consumed by current counter-agent? ANTIDOTE
Bad short review is typical of eccentric ABNORMAL
Came face to face with inmate, a type of runner on drugs and the first detained CONFRONTED
Do a job in the city on merger with group of workers TRADEUNION
Fishy type of starters with lobsters in ceviche that leaves a pungent aroma on the breath GARLIC
Flavour enhancer found up in Mount Lassen SALT
In a manner of speaking, a dim, criminal type in a saucy outfit FRENCHMAID
In France, the old leader on Lap One crashed? NAPOLEON
Is open to leprechaun heading off AIRY
Leaves home to interpreter with no printer TREE
Mentor’s son leaves for an academic period TERM
More irritable row goes over heads of even those going to church TETCHIER
No longer healthy? Take a breather! EXHALE
Opens 22 across for American neighbours – the ones with European ties FRENCHCANADIANS
Parcel for novice taken in by Kitty PLOT
Sold out of Calvados and Spanish wine CAVA
The pitfalls of bringing up small role for one in the abbey TRAPS
Those with a nice heritage beat Marseille at The Centre in the red and white of Bordeaux? FRENCHWINE
Toffee fudge? Of course, that’ll get things going! TEEOFF
Trouble in organisation getting time off UNREST
Type of toast at the start of 6 down FRENCH
Watch guy that’s dealing with religious type losing the head with figure in the market JEWELLER
What the foreman does when not in Ireland it’s said OVERSEES
What’s found at the end of Davy Jones’ locker underneath the flower? RIVERBED