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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
A soldier from leaderless country finds diamonds and gets jittery AGITATED
Anna is the criminal living in Greece ATHENIANS
Bet on a course, as to how one might take flight BACKAWAY
Bishop Alan Clare, head of school, settles accounts BALANCES
Boyfriend reviews all good books from key Italian institute INAMORATO
Bride hung out rug out the back BEHIND
Brief project performed for opera in Eastern Europe BULGARIA
Broadcast in part relates to petrol heads TRANSMISSION
Coal pits out of precious metals, in summary? RESUME
Detective in France where Frenchman produced drug OPIUM
Going to blazes to show someone the door for violent behaviour FIREFIGHTING
Help out presenter welcoming Ulster family MUCKIN
Ill-treated without Earl – the noble one TITLED
Initially slimmer and fitter from cutting down on the grass STRIMMER
Is capable of giving a clip around the ears for hurtful remark in hospital BARBER
Laid off in Dixieland from the book section INDEX
Loose billboard for Split ADRIFT
Noisy type in car takes channel for overseas dance HORNPIPE
One of the calls by Munster leads to a fight in the middle of arena RINGSIDE
Ruby gets engineer to stop new plan REDESIGN
Sample of brownie certified by relative NIECE
Sends in a curriculum vitae including record – the typical Americana stuff APPLEPIES
Some Bengali enterprise is unfamiliar ALIEN
Something for the cyclist lighting up by taking drugs one after another perhaps CHAINSMOKING
Spin out part in next Endeavour EXTEND
Stepping out by doing something for 2 down HOOFINGIT
There’s no way out after this old police force retires a relatively small handful CURFEW
Top man back in charge with gangster produces a type of order ALPHABETICAL