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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 21 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
A fair amount of mink in coat tailored for an energetic type ATOMIC
Carbon from endless growth on tree – the same old chestnut perhaps CLICHE
Clueless of bank’s low interest LOST
Current affairs footage of eels, wren, cuckoo NEWSREEL
Digs up most of the lawn for crazy source of oil WALNUT
Expressed regret to a shirty type drawing up design that’s not finished APOLOGISED
Found fault with college head retiring over heartless joke NAGGED
Individuals from India, from Indonesia? ONES
Lancing a boil for one who has faith in another ANGLICAN
Make a scene over a fair amount of those from city getting to study The Crash ACCIDENT
Market what Belle Smith swallowed going all the way back SELL
Master of setting it up in hydrolysis LORD
Never wrong going to school with butterflies NERVES
No need for dead ends or annexes ADDS
Overlook short role played in the mob PARDON
Props at the end of 15 across for closing plays BALANCES
Provides a reminder about Dublin meeting Donegal in tight encounter that’s supposed to be friendly CUDDLE
Rejects some of the possibilities for flighty type IBIS
Reports cons cut a settlement ACCOUNTS
Slipped by 24 across and 10 across with composure (4,3’1,7) LOSTONESBALANCE
Spies every light eggy restaurant starters inside to go with cold vegetable CELERIAC
Starts 15 across from seed on topsoil and has a word with St Anthony about them LOSTCAUSES
Still got nothing to raise at the meeting? MOTIONLESS
Stood the test of time in steel band Ben left LASTED
Suggests someone in the little boys’ room has something on their mind OCCUPIED
The result of the impact of time on top of the aging locks Greyhair
There is no need to say any more, as plenty at school get help ENOUGHSAID
Those responsible for atmosphere covered up partying as escapism GASES