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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 22 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

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A Turkish native heavily on the beer fell over, losing direction KURD
A wise woman back in the day in teetotal organisation ATHENA
Alone, letting without letting on in the meadow LEA
An element stealing tie from citizen ZINC
Catholic dismisses a lot that’s in Vogue CHIC
Child of patriots missing Paris TOT
Clever getting answer from South Africa on Zoom before you can say Jack Robinson QUICKASAFLASH
Custodian of Cork hill CAPTOR
Fast to get slim folks? That’s grand only for those whose mind hasn’t slowed down! QUICKTHINKING
Forward is hardly retiring? PUSHY
Gallery in the house locked up by Padraig Goldsmith LOGGIA
Had a word with fellow Arabians as no State Emergency demoralised leaders NEIGHED
Had enough of awful loathsome characters inside FULL
Has done more than most to change what’s on television in the sticks REMOTE
High-speed rally – for those leaving the hospital in a hurry QUICKRECOVERY
It’s trendy all around the Costa del Sol COOL
Jockey’s silks, for example, in stable UNIFORM
Knock back strong liquor in study at the last minute CRAM
Local hype over fish with innards removed put to the test TRYOUT
No head on stout – that’s always for the poet? (1’2) EER
No minors in documentaries with tutor EDUCATE
Not the first in party set-up to get open invitation to join tenor and one of the Talking Heads PUNDIT
On the ball on all sides today QUICK
One foreign politician getting to make a scene or that’s the impression IMPACT
Part of the recipe for Wiener Schnitzel – leaving out gin? VEAL
Persecuted without decrees in place PUT
Really cool places in one top-class revolutionary space ICECAPS
Relates to single train running between outskirts of underground railway UNITARY
Serving a university that’s plainly on the rise PLATEAU
Some unforced error? Give up! CEDE
Swift, occasionally works in office, in hospital and in the press, like a bear with a sore head QUICKTEMPERED
Takes cues from sheet music and belief in the creator THEISM
The overheads of setting up characters in populist society COSTS
Type of seat for a number of gents retiring around end of the night STOOL
University in terrible peril from upstart in the surrounding area PURLIEU
Without organisation from the start, advocates for labour force charges IONISES
Writer is one taken in by composition produced by a complex character? OEDIPUS
Writing from Pole in Liege novel? That’s staggering! REELING