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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Better half of 24 across and 10 across HELPMATE
Characters with no carers or that’s the gossip CHAT
Confederates of gangster generally arrive in a pack ALLIES
Couple of beastly figures up north capable of getting away with murder ASSASSIN
Credit English group outside large yard behind closed doors SECRETLY
Croatian production covering race draw ATTRACTION
Desperate lies identified by those on board ISLE
Doing your bit for 24 across in Government – it’s what the rebel will appreciate HELPINGTHECAUSE
Forgiving deranged genius holding wrong key EXCUSING
Fragment of dogma technically derived from partner MATE
Fund for type of gear you’d find in a fair amount of the city KITTY
German chap with the last of the clowns’ parlour pieces OTTOMANS
Go through one’s history in Labour EXPERIENCE
In the main, Israelis embraced The Foreign Stones JEWELS
It’s the type of music that has it’s ups and downs ELEVATOR
Julius Caesar got rid of juries – how flippant is that? CASUAL
Latest lies produced by those overseeing The Globe SATELLITES
Made a profit clearing prams out of departments NETTED
Milk from the bottle requires a top up EMPTYGLASS
Most of fire in drink from French region ALSACE
Opened up about something similar to 4 down with journalist TALKED
Parents, for example, upset by vandalism DAMAGE
Producers of fishy sauces CAUSES
Protect the last line of defence for castle with The Holy Grail KEEPGOAL
Teachers have no cash for the children’s playhouse TREE
The option to cure – will that save someone’s bacon? HELP
This problem with strikes HITS
Trick on Greek island for securing the property CONCRETE