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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Irish Times (Crosaire) Crossword.

Clues Answers
American city going most of the way back put out of action MAIM
Careless friends holding up Dart SLAPDASH
Crafty type on both sides of hundred-dollar bill HULL
Criminal route taken to a fair amount of riches in River Island PUERTORICO
Cross Swords by going around the border FENCE
Cup broken off sculpture in one of the four green fields ULSTER
Feature of island in meandering Delta DETAIL
Get better skin and bones from sun, care, sport and sick pay that comes at a premium HEALTHINSURANCE
King of the Road needs no introduction – at The Point it’s played by musician OBOE
Knock one back in discerning frequency that one associates with a fan WHITENOISE
Locked university putting out review by couple of writers UNOPENED
Moth-eaten Monet is left out in the hot weather HEAT
Obsessively indecent type has a job in marketing department getting youth centre to find bearings heading off PRURIENT
One picking up loads from short biography after weekend in private space? FORKLIFT
Outline of first dictionary by English writer DESCRIBE
Particular epics adapted by figurehead in charge SPECIFIC
Party workers following extreme political plot that’s deadly DOLMEN
Person getting a sight better asked me to look at this? If you get to view it, you’re probably seeing things! EYECHART
Petition ROS working for a number of barmen SOLICITORS
Poor, unrefined, discarded fur INNEED
Presumably this is what Noah’s staff took as a crafty diversion to stay out of the water? SHORELEAVE
Rung for dinner dances with American porters BELLHOPS
Some deliver a service that’s used to clean-up childish errors ERASER
State of a petition in American city ALASKA
Street car going around traffic jam TRAM
Tiny bit stuffed into sliotar IOTA
Unreal novel dealing with the nerves NEURAL
Work too hard for one of those in charge of The Party perhaps OVERDO