Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 24 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A French type that comes out of The Pod with, presumably, organic coffee producer GREENBEAN
Aims to leave Macintosh to Mark? NOTCH
Arabs out of bread sauce – draw your own conclusion from that! EDUCE
Bet that’s what it means to run a risk GAMBLE
Condition of some yobs needling democratic leaders in Italy SYNDROME
Crazy maniac holding key to his heart is working as a legerdemain MAGICIAN
Do up yard for ship at sea? Yes – expect old Greek travellers arriving on such like! ODYSSEYS
Everything the viewer is aware of is a joy to behold EYEFUL
Following orders of old king from Ireland is not heartless OBEDIENT
Frank and Rex not in card index CANDID
Iranian neighbour provides a party for Chinese ethnic group AFGHAN
Money bills produced by guys with kids of kids GRANDADS
Numbed by a fair amount of those from 26 across finding energy in finish DEADENED
Ocean liner starting off in Capri, for example, and heading for Rome? The Man of Aran! ISLANDER
One of those in Court exercising the criminals is taking direction from those fitting up crafty types DOCKYARDS
Opens 14 across on Headland where there’s no sign of life DEADNESS
Outlaw gets to take up challenge surrounded by stupid dopes DESPERADO
Put right by accountant with debts around Lower Saxony telling fibs in a way MENDACIOUSLY
Resist taking from cash register or the judge will see you about this CHARGE
Rose-tinted without Indo or The Examiner? TESTER
Serious archaeologists perhaps employed in the dead centre of Glasnevin GRAVEDIGGERS
Serving up, regrettably for Dawn, something spicy MASALA
Some of those put up in Pennsylvania garret and not for the first time AGAIN
This is so obvious to Will presumably? DEADGIVEAWAY
Type of poker I love in the drawing room? STUDIO
What the Irish have perhaps belongs to the Inuit GREENLAND
Will need to engage 11 down perhaps to get through to one of late bringing up The Dead BODYSNATCHER
Worm crawling off mayflower in the neighbourhood? LEAFY

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