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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Aug 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Action plan covering castle heard in old part of Provence OCCITAN
All the sides today with big fishes STARS
Arty novel by Pole from American city concerns The Terror TYRANNY
Closing pages by the pen of old journalist perhaps in decline SINK
Con involves crafty type providing access to both Houses and, of course, some Arabians go into them from the off STARTINGGATES
Denied out of hand? Really! INDEED
Drink consumed in Sierra Leone ALE
Employee takes dogs out of rose garden EARNER
End product is no longer stylish for company and yours truly OUTCOME
Ends Hawaii benefit service mechanism by communiqu?, in the newsy sense ITEM
Gangster bar opens in African country ALBANIA
Go and get Furlong to engrave it FETCH
Hand over key to a car FIESTA
If you’re not here, you’ll never go anywhere from day one STARTINGPOINT
Just one featured in 13 across from the paper STAR
Knocks back whiskey order on purpose or so 11 across says MIAOW
Laid eyes on missing sea lion – the one that can change colour DYE
Lead for big gun? STAROFTHESHOW
Lunged away from guardian angel and falls NIAGARA
Most of the lion’s pride perhaps, unknown quantity of tiger and Douglas’s pet? MANXCAT
New lodge is great and around the corner from the golf course DOGLEG
Offer sample of wasabi dish BID
Offers a welcome back in pub to one from India, in a manner of speaking BIHARI
Oriental is missing on it and that’s not imagined? REAL
Politician admits point of view is convoluted TANGLED
Precious type of banks operating with our capital OPAL
Relative gets upsetting fine – it’s little thanks to one of those native Americans DAKOTA
Residence accommodating religious type living in Madrid HOMBRE
Rub up the wrong way with some of the sacrileges RILE
Shipping figure’s mood overwhelms Harry TONNAGE
Small craft that can go back and forth on the water? KAYAK
Some street names for Sicilian hotspot ETNA
Something for the Diva in The Sun is just what the doctor ordered STARTREATMENT
Take a quick look at golf spike GLANCE
The butt, for instance, is a bit of the Golden Delicious END
The eldest worker in firm ADAMANT
Unexpected disappointment of accommodation in Ireland LETDOWN
With AI research in part – it’ll grow on you HAIR